Savana Mining Trommel, Pan-American Jigs & Hy-G Gold Centrifuge For Sale

Wyatt Yeager

Savana Mining Gold & Diamond Wash Plant For Sale Trommel 39 in. dia. x 15′ length 6 x 8 ft. ore feed hopper. 6.6 ft. long scrubber section. (2) screen sections for dual classification. Water manifold and internal drum spray bar. Chain driven by a SEW Gear Motor. Drum supported by heavy duty caster wheels. Includes sluice box. 30 to 50 tons per hour. Portable with dual axles Heavy-duty construction Includes Two Pan American Mineral Jigs with underflow sluices Size: 45 In. X 45 In. Duplex. Max Capacity 30 Tons/Hour. 116 cycles per minute. 2.2kw SEW Gear Drive Motor. Can […]

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Wyatt Yeager: Diamond Mine Exploration


A few minutes into my conversation with Wyatt Yeager and I realized that he could stand with any of these daredevils. Yet, nothing prepared me for the real Wyatt Yeager. As a Texan and the daughter of a cattle rancher, my family album is peppered with photos of men – and a couple of women – with their arm slung over the dusty saddle of a horse, deep in the wilds of Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, the Amazon, or Mexico. Such exploits ceased to amaze me by the age of five as I had my picture taken virtually every weekend with […]

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Precision 10 Inch Gold Dredge

Precision 10 Inch Dredge

I rarely put adds on the blog but when I saw this Precision 10″ gold dredge for sale in Montana I made an exception to the rule. If you’re a commercial dredger than you are extremely familiar with Precision Dredges which are considered the workhorse of the industry. A Precision 10 inch gold dredge is a very rare find and this unit is in immaculate condition. I personally own a Precision 10″ dredge, it being the first unit I modified for diamond recovery in Venezuela. Here is a link to the Precision Dredge website: Here are the specifications for […]

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Diamond Dredges by Wyatt Yeager

Sierra Leone Local Diamond Dredging Wyatt Yeager (2)

There is no such thing as a diamond dredge. There is no such thing as a gemstone dredge. I can see your eyebrows lifting at these bold statements but if you are about to spend a significant amount of your mineral recovery equipment budget on a “diamond dredge” you should do a little more research. The first point we should mention is that a gold dredge cannot recover diamonds and colored gemstones efficiently. A typical venturi gold dredge has an accidental gemstone recovery rate of about 5-10%. I say accidental because that is what happens, a diamond can be caught […]

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Wyatt Yeager Unveils The Modern Diamond Dredge

Gold Dredge-Wyatt Yeager

Alluvial diamond mining companies know the last true reserve of diamonds is to be found nestled deep in the remote rivers of Africa and South America. For years, Wyatt Yeager of Precision Dredges has been engineering and designing a series of dredges that enable miners to reach these hidden gems. Read more…

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8.1 GRASS ROOTS by Vitor Pacheco Grass roots exploration is the general term for the very initial stage of prospecting that starts from a zero base, that is, neither geological maps, nor aerial photos are available, and often not even topographic maps. Of these, my first experience was in Mozambique in 1972, when communication with the outside world was a very precarious land line and some times, when we were lucky, a fax, both by means of the post office at the nearest village, which was about 150 km away. I do not think it appropriate here, to go into […]

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Mining Introduction


9.1 PRIMITIVE EXTRACTION by Vitor Pacheco I include under mining all human activities concerned with the extraction of inert natural materials. As such, the use of stone for construction, is mining. At the beginning, perhaps the easiest was the excavation in relatively soft sandstones, to enlarge the original caves where the people dwelt (fig. 89). Also, rock blocks shaped by natural jointing were used originally possibly only for religious purposes (fig. 163B), but later they started building wall protections and houses by “dry packing” carefully selected well shaped blocks. Figure 163B – Stonehenge, one of the earliest human utilisation of stone. As […]

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Alluvial Diamond Mining Costs – Wyatt Yeager

Bafi Site Berm Building-Wyatt Yeager

This is why many fail in the business. Cost of Mining One Plot     Using one CAT Dozer D8, one CAT Excavator 320, one Dump Truck and one Wash Plant, and assuming there is no break-down of machinery throughout the operation, the cost of mining one plot of 200 feet x 200 feet will be as follows:   (1) Site clearing by D8 Dozer for 14 days x $1,000 per day = $14,000 (2) Fuel for D8 for 14 days x 70g per day = 980 gallons x $4.12 = $4,037 (3) Extraction by Excavator for 100 days x […]

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Sierra Leone unearths $6-million diamond


Congratulations to our neighbors!!!! This 153-carat diamond, valued at over $6 million, is one of the finest diamonds to be found in Sierra Leone in the last 10 years. It is rated a D+, which is the topmost in terms of color, and only matched or surpassed in price by rare diamonds such as blue or pink diamonds (National Minerals Agency, Sierra Leone, via Facebook). Freetown (AFP) – Sierra Leone said on Saturday it had discovered a diamond worth $6.2 million, declaring it one of the most precious finds of the past decade. The stone, dug up last week in the […]

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De Beers unhappy with Indian diamond market


SURAT: Indian diamond jewellery consumers have been a big disappointment for the world’s biggest diamond mining company De Beers in 2013. According to the annual report by Anglo American owner of De Beers, the Indian diamond jewellery market has not performed up to its mark in 2013, while the US and China have continued to show positive growth with strong holiday season sales. Read more…

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Antwerp was the place in the 80’s. 06 February 2014 The Antwerp diamond business community, including the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC), HRD Antwerp NV, and Antwerp City Hall, has launched Antwerp’s very own quality label, “Antwerp Most Brilliant,” which was awarded on January 29 to the first six Antwerp jewelers during a ceremony at Antwerp City Hall. Antwerp’s Most Brilliant holders must meet 32 quality requirements, thus indicating that they “live up to Antwerp’s reputation as a diamond centre of excellence.” “We congratulate the AWDC, HRD Antwerp and the City of Antwerp, in particular the alderman for the diamond […]

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BHP Names Cutt to Succeed Yeager as Petroleum Unit President


BHP Names Cutt to Succeed Yeager as Petroleum Unit President BHP Billiton Ltd. (BHP), the world’s largest mining company, named diamond unit president Tim Cutt to succeed the retiring Michael Yeager as head of its petroleum division as part of a senior management shakeup. Yeager, a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, will retire on July 1, Melbourne-based BHP said today in a statement. Alberto Calderon will be replaced as aluminum President by Daniel Malchuk, though will remain as an advisor to incoming Chief Executive Officer Andrew Mackenzie, who will succeed Marius Kloppers as CEO on May 10. Yeager, who led […]

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Diamond Cutting by Gary Petersen


I know that there are people out there that have an interest in the equipment we use in diamond and gem cutting.  So I am putting this page together to show the equipment we use.  Along with some explanations as to what the photos show and how the equipment is used. The Rough and Sawing It all starts with the rough, small parcel of approximately 22cts. The cutter examines the rough and marks it for sawing. 17.85 ct marked for sawing The diamond saw. A diamond being sawed.  The diamond saw is a very thin copper blade coated with diamond […]

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Why Invest in Colored Diamonds by Louis Pearl G.G.


Colored diamonds are unique even in a world of uniqueness. By doing just a little research on the internet and other places, you can verify the fact that colored diamonds have increased in value on average more than 15% every year. Some very unusual stones have increased in value much more than 40%.  Unlike most products, the supply of colored diamonds is very limited and the largest mine for colored diamonds, the Argyle mine in Australia has less than 10 years of viability. Unfortunately for colored diamond lovers, there has not been one significant diamond mine discovery in more than twenty years that has a large production of […]

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It’s A Rough World by Louis Pearl G.G.


Rough Diamond Trading: The mining and trading of rough diamonds is worldwide today. When we look at the industry, we can find diamond mining and or diamond trading on every continent except Antarctica. Africa: Windhoek Namibia, Botswana, Luanda Angola, Kinshasa DRC, Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg South Africa, Conakry Guinea, Nairobi Kenya, Freetown Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Ghana., Zimbabwe. Europe: London, England, Yakutia, Moscow Russia, Geneva, Zurich Switzerland, Antwerp Belgium, Middle East: Tel Aviv Israel, Dubai, Asia: Hong Kong, Shangri La, Shanghai China, Mumbai (Bombay) India. Americas: Northern Canada, New York, Los Angeles U.S.A, Brazil South Pacific: Australia Some countries […]

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Pictorial of the Pan-American Mineral Jig

Fabricating the jig feed diffuser-Savana Mining Equipment

The Pan-American Mineral Jig: Building a Duplex Round Jig Courtesy of Savana Mining Equipment The modern mineral jig or gravity concentrators have their foundation firmly rooted in ancient history and are considered to be one of the oldest mechanical device designed specifically to recover heavy minerals from lighter gangue material. During the development of the Wilfley table in the 1890’s to the innovative and successful flotation techniques of the 1940’s mineral jigs fell in popularity. The earliest mention of jigging was by Agricola in his famous 1556 printing of De Re Metallica. He noted that circular sieves were submerged in […]

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Gem Hunt: Travel Channel


I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised after watching the first three episodes of Gem Hunt produced by the Travel Channel. I really can’t stand to watch the mock drama of most of the current mining shows so I was happy to see more “truth” of the business with the Gem Hunt crew. Don’t get me wrong there is a little bit of drama but nothing you won’t be able to stomach. If you haven’t tuned in essentially you have a trio of people with different backgrounds trying to buy gemstones as close to the source as possible […]

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Bering Sea Gold Dredging

Precision Nome Dredge-Jig View

Over the past two years we have been inundated with Emails and calls concerning dredging in the Bering Sea. With the obvious media attention and current economic situation, Alaska is a hard place to ignore especially if you are a displaced California miner. The Bering Sea beach placers can be a lucrative prospect with the biggest downside being an average 30 day season due to weather and ocean conditions. We have compiled our field notes, experience and equipment design from the past 40 years of Alaskan dredging to aid you. I’m going to make the assumption that you are a […]

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